Fisherman’s Rib Accent Pillow by lizaenz

Fisherman's Rib Accent Pillow by lizaenz

Fisherman’s Rib Accent Pillow by @lizaenz via Ravelry


super bulky Magnum by Cascade Yarns

1st knitting project and it is beautiful! Make sure you have a full 2 skeins because it really will use it all. I only cast on 30 st instead of 32 because this yarn is huge but make sure you do plenty of rows in the back panels so that the flaps overlap in the back by plenty or it will pucker in between the buttons and show the pillow underneath. I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern because my yarn was much bigger than hers, so it made thicker rows (but still used plenty of yarn) so I just went with her measurements instead of how many rows to do. She didn’t say to, but I sewed up the sides of the smaller flaps too….it lays better and you can still easily fit the pillow inside.

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