Knitting Pains
Knitting Pains

Knitting Pains

A subject that I would like to discuss today is hand, shoulder, back pain due to the stress of knitting. Knitting shouldn’t be painful. It should relieve stress–not cause it. But this issue is quite common among knitters. I know that when I’ve been knitting for a while my hands get tired due to¬†repetitive motions during long periods of time¬†and requires a good stretch.

Here are some useful exercises to relieve pain.

Also, there are gloves that claim to reduce stress due to knitting.

I have to say, these are not the most fashionable gloves known to man but my knitting buddies swear by them. These are supposed to help keep the hands warm and not stiff therefore allowing for a couple extra hours of knitting without pain. These gloves can be purchased at most craft supply stores.

Remember, these are all useful ways to reduce stress and pain of the body due to knitting but most importantly, take frequent breaks and do other activities between knitting sessions. We all want to push ourselves to finish our current projects and start a new one but don’t push ourselves too hard because our health comes first and foremost.


    1. That’s great! I love metal needles. I don’t have a preference as to what kind of needles. When I first started knitting I had terrible hand and shoulder pain from knitting due to the fact that I was a very tight knitter. Over time, I became more comfortable with my needles which led to less pain and stress.

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