Dumplings Party!
Dumplings Party!

Dumplings Party!

Here’s a quick recap: This past summer I went to China with a group of UAB students plus one faculty  for five weeks to study. First, we spent three weeks in Anshan, China and attended cultural/language and international business classes at Anshan Normal University. We then visited several other cities throughout China (Cangzhou,Guizhou/Guiyang, Beijing-just to name a few).

Our group along with some of ANU’s international students.

We made new friends, saw new places, and experienced a whole new culture. I am going to speak for all of us when I say that we all had quite a memorable and life-changing experience.

Among the many things I miss while being back is definitely the food. Food in China was absolutely AMAZING!  We ate ALOT of dumplings while there and we all missed it when we got back.

Hong chopping up pork.

Yesterday, myself and members of the UAB in China 2011 group had a dumplings party. Hong (one of our UAB in China members) showed us how to make them–and boy, were they delicious.

Daniel stuffing the dumplings with filling.
Pre-cooked dumplings.

The aftermath…..


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