Finger-less gloves, anyone?
Finger-less gloves, anyone?

Finger-less gloves, anyone?

Hello all!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween. Mine was pretty uneventful, maybe I’ll eat more candy next year 🙂

So I’ve finally started knitting my very first pair of finger-less gloves. I’ve always admired these but never attempted to knit them because they looked too intimidating. But I’ve mustered up the courage to design my very own pair and I’ve become very fond of my newest creation. Well this is what I have so far…

This is the top view.
The other side-hence the thumb hole.
I’ve used seed stitch for the palm and the bottom edging. I
think it gives it a very feminine look.

I will have this finished in a couple of days so the pattern will be posted then. Please let me know what you all think 🙂

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