Ladies Knitting Night!
Ladies Knitting Night!

Ladies Knitting Night!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I had a knitting get-together. Last night several friends and I got together for some great food, drinks, and of course, knitting. Ashley was gracious enough to host it at her place and she cooked Mexican to go with our margaritas theme. Oh yes, there were dumplings as well (staying true to our Chinese commonality). You may think, “Mexican and dumplings? Really?” It was fantastic! The best of both worlds I’d say!

Hong, Ashley, and Kahley.

After dinner, we began our knitting. Since the girls have never knitted before, last night we learned how to cast on, knit and purl.

Working hard on those scarves.

Whether a beginner or a veteran, it is important to stop occasionally and stretch out your hands and possibly your back as well.

Don’t forget to do your stretches!
Looks like it’s time for another round of drinks 😉

And the tonight’s finished products:

Pretty good for the first try.

It’s allows great to get friends together for some good food, conversations, and knitting. Until next time knitters…

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