November’s Free Giveaway Begins
November’s Free Giveaway Begins

November’s Free Giveaway Begins

Hello knitters!

The start of November’s free giveaway event begins today! The giveaway includes: a row counter, a needle gauge, and a set of five stitch markers. These knitting accessories are a must-have for all knitters and will come in very handy. So knitters, let the entries begin!

Nice autumn colors! Perfect for that hat project you’re working on.
I absolutely LOVE this! So handy you can
put it on a key chain too.
Every knitter needs one of these! I know I can’t knit
without one especially if I’m working on a large project.

To enter: go to and go to the contact tab. Fill in the appropriate information. In the subject box enter “November Giveaway.” Also in the message box include the city and state in which you reside.

Note: multiple entries will be disqualified.

Also, I’d like to add that today is a very special day indeed. It’s my mom’s birthday 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Love you!

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