Diagonal Knot Mug Cozy
Diagonal Knot Mug Cozy

Diagonal Knot Mug Cozy

Hello knitters!

A while back a fellow knitter asked me to write up a pattern for a mug cozy and since then I’ve been slowly, bit by bit, working on it. After trying out many (and I mean many) different stitch patterns, I finally found one that is to my liking.

This mug cozy was constructed using rib 1×1 stitch and diagonal knot stitch. The bottom edging was knitted in the round using the rib 1×1 stitch and the main portion was knitted back and forth using the diagonal knot stitch.

Diagonal Knot Mug Cozy

Below is the free pattern. Hope you all enjoy!


4-Size 6 (4mm) DPN
Approximately 25g of medium weight yarn (in the example I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn in Oatmeal)
Large button
Yarn needle


Bottom Edging

First we will begin by knitting in the round.

Cast on 65 sts.

Round 1: *K1, P1; repeat * to last st, K1.
Repeat Round 1 four more times. If you would like for the edging to be larger, feel free to repeat this row several more times (keep in mind the placement of your mug handle).

Main Body

Begin knitting back and forth.

Diagonal Knot Stitch

Multiple of 4 sts + 1

MK (Make Knot)=k3tog leaving sts on needle, yo, then knit same 3 sts together again.

ROW 1 (RS): K4, P1, *K3, P1; rep from * to last 4 sts, K4.
ROW 2: P4, K1, *P3, K1; rep from * to last 4 sts, P4.
ROW 3: P1, *MK, P1; rep from * to end.
ROW 4: repeat ROW 2.
ROW 5: K2, P1, *K3, P1; rep from * to last 2 sts, K2.
ROW 6: P2, K1, *P3, K1; rep from * to last 2 sts, P2.
ROW 7: K2, P1, *MK, P1; rep from * to last 2 sts, K2.
ROW 8: repeat ROW 6.

Repeat Rows 1-8 as needed.

For this example, I repeated Rows 1-8 twice, then I knitted Rows 1-4 which was a total of 20 rows. Depending on how tall your cup is, please modify the number of rows accordingly and be sure to end on the WS or even numbered row.

Knit the next row (RS) and cast on 20 sts at the end using the thumb method. Now turn your work and bind off purl-wise.

Diagonal knot mug instruction 1

Using a yarn needle, sew the end of the cast on piece to the section located below the start of the cast on as shown above. This creates the button loop for the mug cozy.

Sew on the button in its appropriate place.

Diagonal knot mug instruction 2

Finally, sew up loose ends and you’re done!

diagonal knot mug cozy

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Intended for personal use only and NOT selling or re-selling purposes. Please be considerate when using our patterns by allowing us credit for our hard work.


    1. Purl Avenue


      Multiple of 4 sts + 1 means that the pattern is counted in multiple of 4 stitches + 1 stitch. For example, in the pattern, there are 65 stitches. This consists of 64 stitches (which is a multiple of 4) and plus 1 makes it a total of 65. Hope that helps.

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