Bamboo Stitch
Bamboo Stitch

Bamboo Stitch

Bamboo stitch is a unique and easy-to-knit stitch that will give your project a wonderful textured look. This stitch is stretchy and is a very quick knit. The Bamboo stitch involves yarn over and slipping the yarn over over two knit stitches. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. Watch this video for assistance.

Check out this free Bamboo Stitch Cowl pattern.

bamboo stitch


Skill: intermediate
Multiple of 2 sts

Row 1: K1, *yo, k2, pass yo st over two knit stitches; rep from * to last st, K1.
Row 2: purl.

Repeat Row 1-2.


From the Knitter’s Gallery:

Bamboo Stitch Cowl mirjam 2910
Bamboo Stitch Cowl by @mirjam2910 via Instagram