Spine Stitch Coffee Cup Sleeve
Spine Stitch Coffee Cup Sleeve

Spine Stitch Coffee Cup Sleeve

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are having a great weekend, despite the frigid weather that has rolled in to the majority of the country. I wish I could say that my weekend has been great but unfortunately, it has not been.

Yesterday, while walking the dog, I tripped and severely rolled my ankle. After hearing a very loud “pop” I instantly fell to the ground and found myself not being able to get back up. With the assistance of some kind neighbors, I made it back home. Upon sitting down on the couch, the overwhelming pain finally set in which made me light-headed and on the verge of passing out.

I went to the hospital and after a few X-rays, I was diagnosed with a broken ankle. In fact, I had done such a great job breaking it that I managed to fracture both sides of the ankle, called a bimalleolar fracture. I left the ER with a splint, anti-inflammatory meds and painkillers with a pending surgery scheduled for early next week. I’ve never broken a bone before so this is definitely a new and scary experience.

bimalleolar fracture

In the meantime, I am stuck at home, hopped up on pain medication and being comforted by knitting and Netflix. While looking through my knitting notebook, I found a coffee cup sleeve pattern that I had written up a while ago. This pattern was designed using one of my favorite stitches, the Spine Stitch. In fact, I’ve knitted a cowl using this same stitch called the Spine Rib Cowl.

So, if you’re in the mood to knit something quick, then check out the Spine Stitch Coffee Cup Sleeve pattern below. This is a great opportunity to use up some leftover yarn from the holidays.

Spine Stitch Coffee Cup Sleeve detail green


1 skein (or leftover yarn around 20 yds approx. 18 m) of worsted weight yarn
A set of US 8 (5mm) DPN (double pointed needles)
Yarn/Tapestry needle


CO 40 stitches. Join in the round and make sure the stitches are not twisted.

Rd 1 (RS): *C2B, C2F; rep from * to end of row.
Rd 2: knit.

Repeat Rounds 1-2 for 15 rounds (you will end with Round 1). Bind off and weave in loose ends. View the tutorial below for more help.

Spine Stitch Coffee Cup Sleeve white

Spine Stitch Coffee Cup Sleeve green



  1. Louise Reardon

    So sorry! I know the pain your are feeling. I was hanging out my flag, my foot was to close to the end of the porch. It fell off, the same pop, the same pain. Everything was the same as you but I did not break the bone. Everything wrong you can do to your ankle, I did it. I feel for you. Do not be scared, it will get better. Sending prayers.
    Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Snow

    There is a bright side to this-really.
    -Sprains don’t get the really gooood pain meds,
    -Employers and teachers understand BROKEN and SURGERY, sprains-not so much
    -You are MEDICALLY REQUIRED to elevate your leg and….lounge. (Not the bonbon kind of lounging but the pain med assisted kind of lounging WITH BONBONS AND YARN!)
    BONUS- You’ll start to feel better and be pissed and irritated because you still need to elevate and lounge and you can only watch the entire course of your favorite shows on Netflix just so many times-but YOU KNIT. And it is a great distraction.
    And you dont have to walk doggy in cold ucky slippery weather, and you dont have to shovel cold ucky snow and you are going to have soooo many blog entries prepared, you won’t have to write a new one until Spring!
    Been there done that- try to enjoy the opportunity to let your creativity catch up to busy busy busy you.
    Healing wishes!

  3. Linda

    I soooooooo feel for you” a few years ago I was visiting my grandkids 3thousand miles away and fell off the back porch on the way out to catch my flight. thought I had only bruised it but by the time my flight came I knew I was in trouble as I needed a wheel chair to get on the plane. I flew home in a lot of pain and the following morning saw a specialist. I had broken the whole side of my foot. they didn’t do surjury and sometimes I wish they had as I still have a lot of problems with it so sit back relax and get lots of knitting done. sounds like they have it all under control.

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