Bluebells Stitch
Bluebells Stitch

Bluebells Stitch

The Bluebells stitch is a lace stitch that is knitted in a multiple of 5 stitches plus 2 and is worked in a 6-row repeat. The pattern appears as though it involves cabling. Here is great news for those who despise cable needles: there is no cabling! The Bluebells stitch only requires basic techniques such as “k2tog” (knit 2 together) and “psso” (pass slipped stitch over), thus creating the look of cables. Like most lace stitches, this stitch pattern drapes well and is perfect for knitters who are just starting out with lace knitting.  Note: blocking is recommended for optimal results.

Bluebells Stitch



Skill: easy
Multiple of 5 sts + 2

Row 1 (RS): p2, *k3, p2; rep from * to the end.
Row 2: k2, *p3, k2; rep from * to the end.
Row 3: repeat Row 1.
Row 4: repeat Row 2
Row 5: p2, *yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, p2; rep from * to the end.
Row 6: repeat Row 2.

Repeat Rows 1-6.