Speckled Slip Stitch Cup Cozy

Speckled Slip Stitch Cup Cozy

It’s been a while but here I am again! I can’t make any guarantees that I’ll be able to update this blog on a regular basis but I’ll certainly try.

It’s definitely an interesting time to be back here as there’s so much going on in the world right now (global pandemic, social unrest, etc.). I have to admit that I have found, once again, the comfort and solace in knitting to be therapeutic during this time. With Christmas being less than a week away, I’ve completely buried myself in my knitting. So far, I’ve completed one scarf, two beanies, and I’m currently working on a third beanie.

Sticking to the theme of “Christmas crunch time,” today’s knitting pattern is a quick knit that would make a wonderful stocking stuffer item.

I knitted this cup cozy back in November and it was based off of the Diagonal Cup Cozy pattern. This cozy should fit most standard size mugs. In the example shown, the mug is an 18-ounce mug so it’s slightly larger than the standard 12-16 ounce.

You would need two types of yarn in different colors and the yarn weight is worsted.

For this pattern, I decided to knit a button because I didn’t have one on hand.

Like the Diagonal Knot Mug Cozy pattern, the bottom edging was knitted in the round using the 1×1 rib stitch. The body of the cozy was knitted back and forth. Okay, are you ready to knit this?

Here is the pattern.


4 – US #6 DPNs
Knit Picks Brava Worsted
-Canary (Color A)
-Hunter (Color B)

Tapestry Needle


CO 65 sts.


Round 1 (Color A): *K1, P1; repeat * to last st, K1.

Repeat this round until the edging reaches approximately 1”.


Here you will begin knitting back and forth (flat).

Row 1 (Color A): knit.
Row 2 (Color A): purl.
Row 3 (Color B): k1, *sl1 purlwise, k1; rep from * to the end.
Row 4 (Color B): k1, *wyif sl1 purlwise, wyib k1; rep from * to the end.
Row 5 (Color A): knit.
Row 6 (Color A): purl.
Row 7 (Color B): k2, *sl1 purlwise, k1; rep. from * to the last st, k1.
Row 8 (Color B): k2, *wyif sl1 purlwise, wyib k1; rep from * to the last st, k1.

Repeat Rows 1-8 for a total of 20 rows. You should end with knitting Row 4. Depending on how tall your cup is, please modify the number of rows accordingly and be sure to end on the WS or even numbered row.

Knit the next row (RS) and cast on 20 sts at the end using the thumb method. Now turn your work and bind off purl-wise.

Using a yarn needle, sew the end of the cast on piece to the section located below the start of the cast on. This creates the button loop for the mug cozy.


With Color B yarn, CO 15 sts then BO leaving a tail that is approximately 7” long. Create the button by rolling the strip into a ball.

Fasten the ball into place by using the tail of the yarn to sew the end of the strip.

Once secure, sew the ball onto the cup cozy (be sure you measure the distance of the button placement to the loop first).

Weave in all loose ends and TADA! You now have a brand new cup cozy!

Knitting Abbreviations:

wyib (with yarn in back): This term is used when the yarn is at the front of the work (after a PURL stitch has been performed) but has to be put to the back before the next action is performed.  Take the yarn from the front to back between the two needles.

wyif (with yarn in front): bring the yarn forward as if to perform a PURL stitch.

Click HERE for more knitting abbreviations.

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