How to Do a Knit Encroachment (k enc)
How to Do a Knit Encroachment (k enc)

How to Do a Knit Encroachment (k enc)

The Knit Encroachment is a short row technique and just like the purl encroachment, it can be seen being used on sock heels or any other knitted objects that forms a “knob” shape such as snouts on stuffed animals and shoulders on a knitted tops. Knit encroachments are typically used in conjunction with purl encroachments with each technique used on either side of the project.

Below is a video and picture tutorial for doing the knit encroachment.

Photo Tutorial

Step 1. Slip the next stitch from the left-hand needle onto the right-hand needle.

knit encroachment step 1

Step 2. Using the right-hand needle, pick up the stitch below the next stitch on the left-hand needle and place it onto the left-hand needle. 

knit encroachment step 2.1
knit encroachment step 2.1

Step 3. Now place the slipped stitch from the right-hand needle back on to the left-hand needle.

knit encroachment step 3

Step 4. Knit the two stitches together.

knit encroachment step 4

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