Woven Herringbone Stitch
Woven Herringbone Stitch

Woven Herringbone Stitch

Woven Herringbone Stitch

The Woven Herringbone Stitch is a “woven” stitch which means that it uses a series of slipped stitches to produce a weave or woven look. In this case, the weave stitch pattern is designed to resemble a herringbone, hence its name. Woven stitches typically produce thick knits therefore; it is recommended that you go up a couple of needle sizes. In the swatch sample above, worsted weight yarn is used, so a US #10.5 needle was used instead of a US #8. 

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Multiple of 4 sts + 2
Skill: advance

Row 1 (RS): *k2, sl2 wyif; rep. from * to the last 2 sts, k2.
Row 2: p1, *sl2 wyib, p2; rep. from * to the last st, sl1 wyib.
Row 3: *sl2 wyif, k2; rep. from *to the last 2 sts, sl2 wyif.
Row 4: sl1 wyib, *p2, sl2 wyib; rep. from * to the last st, p1.
Row 5: rep. Row 1.
Row 6: rep. Row 2.
Row 7: rep. Row 3.
Row 8: rep. Row 4.
Row 9: rep. Row 1.
Row 10: rep. Row 2.
Row 11: rep. Row 3.
Row 12: rep. Row 4.
Row 13: rep. Row 3.
Row 14: rep. Row 2.
Row 15: rep. Row 1.
Row 16: rep. Row 4.
Row 17: rep. Row 3.
Row 18: rep. Row 2.
Row 19: rep. Row 1.
Row 20: rep. Row 4.
Row 21: rep. Row 3.
Row 22: rep. Row 2.
Row 23: rep. Row 1.
Row 24: rep. Row 4.

Repeat Rows 1-24.

Knitting Abbreviations

wyib (with yarn in back): This term is used when the yarn is at the front of the work (after a PURL stitch has been performed) but has to be put to the back before the next action is performed.  Take the yarn from the front to back between the two needles.

wyif (with yarn in front): bring the yarn forward as if to perform a PURL stitch.

Click HERE for more knitting abbreviations.

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