Bamboo Stitch Cowl

Hi knitters!

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking around trying to find new and interesting knit stitches for my next project and I came across one that I’d seen only a few times before: bamboo stitch. I thought to myself, “I bet this stitch would look great on a cowl!” especially since I am going through a cowl obsession as of late. So, it was decided that I was going to knit a cowl using the bamboo stitch.

I started looking through my ridiculously massive yarn stash for the perfect yarn for this project (I was determined to NOT purchase new yarn). It’s amazing how certain yarns are only suitable for certain projects/patterns. Surprisingly, I found two skeins of unused superfine alpaca and wool blend yarn made by Berroco. I did some research on this particular yarn type for the specs and found out that it had been discontinued 🙁 On the flip side, I had enough to finish the project and had some left over too.

I began knitting the Bamboo Stitch Cowl and realized the more I knitted using this stitch, the more I fell in love with it. The bamboo stitch itself is very quick to knit and it is so unique! It looks a lot more elaborate and complicated than it actually is.

Bamboo Stitch Cowl wip - Purl Avenue

I finished the cowl in two days!

Bamboo Stitch Cowl - Purl Avenue

Circumference is about 25″ (approx. 63.5cm) around and 8″ (approx. 23cm) wide.

bamboo stitch cowl - Purl Avenue

So here is the pattern…


2 skeins of Berroco Cuzco (use something comparable because this yarn is discontinued)

  • Color: Blue Smoke
  • 130 yds (119m) per skein
  • 3.5oz (100g)
  • 10 US/6mm
  • 50% Alpaca/50% Wool

US 10/6mm 24″ circular needles
Stitch marker
Yarn/tapestry needle


15 sts x 21 rows=4″ (10cm)


If you are having trouble understanding the pattern, my video tutorial may help.
CO 108 sts. Place stitch marker, join stitches and begin knitting in the round.


Rnd 1-4: *K2, P2; rep from * to end of round.

Main Body

Rnd 1: *yo, K2, pass yo st over two knit stitches; rep from * to end of round.
Rnd 2: knit.

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until desired width and finish off by knitting the edging. Then bind off and weave in all loose ends.

Note: please keep in mind that ALL measurements (including the gauge) are approximations. There are many factors that may determine your measurements (i.e., yarn weight, needle size, knitting tension, etc.) Rule of thumb: measurements will never be exact!

Bamboo Stitch Cowl 2 - Purl Avenue

This cowl is perfect for a casual day/night out!

Hope you enjoy. Happy knitting!

Intended for personal use only and NOT selling or re-selling purposes. Please be considerate when using our patterns by allowing us credit for our hard work.

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  1. This is lovely! Thank you for making it available. I have someone in mind that I think this will be perfect for. Happy Holidays!

  2. Can’t wait to make this for someone for Christmas! Beautiful pattern and thank you.

  3. How do you join the cowl together? As you work or after by stitching together? Thanks in advance, I appreciate your input.

    • Sylvia,
      The cowl patterns are done by knitting in the round. There are a couple of ways to do this but the pattern requires circular needles. Once you cast on with the circular needles, you simply knit (join) the opposite ends together and proceed to knit the pattern from there. Here is a video that will help:

  4. Thank you for this pattern. I started it today and after about 3 hours, I am halfway finished. It is easy and looks great. I’m making it for my daughter in a dark red for Christmas.

    • You are welcome! I love this pattern because it takes very little time to finish and it is a very unique look. I bet it would look great in the dark red that you’ve chosen. It is one of my favorite colors 🙂

  5. Love this pattern. I’ working on my second one to give as a gift. Easy to do and the end result looks great. Thank you.

  6. In the written pattern you have that you Knit Round 2.
    On the tutorial of how to do the Bamboo Stitch, you turn your pattern over and you say to Purl the row.
    So, is the backside Knitted or Purled?? Thank you.

    • The written pattern is done in the round for a cowl. So Round 2 is knit all stitches. The video tutorial is for the Bamboo Stitch which is knitted flat or back and forth so the wrong side (back side) is purl all stitches.

  7. Berroco Cuzco yarn…can you guide me to an equivelant yarn….looking forward to making the blue cowl in the bamboo stitch…thank you.

  8. doesn’t really say how many rows I should do or the length of it. love knitting it but don’t want to end to short/

  9. Hi, i loved your pattern, in 2 days i have finished this project. Thank you for sharing

  10. If I double my cast on stitches, do you think it will work as an infinity scarf that I could double up?

    • Depending on what type of yarn you use and neck size, doubling the number of stitches could work but just to be on the safe side I would add on a few extra stitches. Just remember that it needs to be multiple of 2 sts.

  11. Love, Love all of them. Can you do these on straight needles and when finished sew it together. I have tried them in the round and they just look funny. Kinda like a tube, maybe I am doing something wrong, but sure love all three of these. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Beautiful!thank u

  13. Interesting, on your pattern here you say knit the second row. In the tutorial, you say purl the second row. Does it matter as long as you are consistant?

    • This pattern is knitted in the round and it has been modified slightly therefore, the second row is knit. In the tutorial, it is knitted flat so the second row is purl.

  14. Thank you for the pattern, and the tutorial link.
    I have question on the instruction.
    Should I start with the Main body, then Edging?
    Or Edging, the Main body, then Edging again? From the picture, I can see the Edging is on the top, but not sure if the bottom has Edging as well.


  15. I am so excited that I have found your site.
    I love all of your cowl patterns because they are easy to follow and look wonderful when they are completed. Thanks again.

  16. I am currently working on this cowl for a special friend. I love this one pattern and it is working up beautifully. I thank you for sharing this pattern. It is an easy one to work and it is very classy looking. Thank you.


  17. Easy and beautiful!!!…Thank you so much for sharing this proyect…Great for my daugther and nieces Christmas gifts…Bless you…

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