Diagonal Mesh Lace Stitch

Diagonal Mesh Lace stitch

When it comes to design, the Diagonal Mesh Lace stitch resembles its cousin, the Mesh Lace stitch. Unlike the Mesh Lace stitch where the lace stitches run vertically, the Diagonal Mesh Lace stitch’s lace design runs diagonally, slanting downward from left to right. Knitted in a multiple of four stitches… Continue reading

Textured Lace Columns

Textured Lace Columns stich

Interested in a lace stitch pattern that offers a ton of textures and also provides a clean, uniform look? Look no further than the Textured Lace Columns stitch. This stitch incorporates a series of increase and decrease stitches to create columns of intricate patterns that are separated by eyelets. Knitted… Continue reading