How to Knit a Purl Encroachment (p enc)

The Purl Encroachment technique is a type of short row technique typically used on sock heels and can also be seen being used on various stuffed animal or toy patterns. Short rows can be used in shaping certain areas of a knitted project such as listed above, heels on socks and faces of stuffed animals as well as shoulders and custom-fit bust areas on sweaters and knit tops. Below is a video and picture tutorial for knitting the purlĀ  encroachment.

Photo Tutorial

Step 1. Slip the next stitch onto the right-hand needle.

p enc slip stitch

Step 2. Using the right-hand needle, pick up the stitch below the next stitch on the left-hand needle and place it onto the left-hand needle. 

p enc Step 2.1
p enc Step 2.2

Step 3. Now place the slipped stitch from the right-hand needle back on to the left-hand needle.

k enc Step 3.1

Step 4. Purl the two stitches together.

p enc Step 4

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