Celtic Plait Coffee Cup Sleeve Pattern

Hello knitters,

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving holiday and was able to knit some during the break. If not, here’s your chance to start on a fun and short project. Due to popular demand, I’ve created another coffee cup sleeve pattern. This one is a little more complex than the first pattern but I think you all will enjoy it very much. It is absolutely gorgeous! Check it out:

Celtic Plait Coffee Cup Sleeve


1 skein of medium weight yarn (shown above is Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue)
Size 6 (4mm) needles
Yarn needle


*Note:  There are two ways you can cast on with this pattern. I used a provisional cast on which leaves one end with live stitches where you can invisibly graft the two ends together. Another option is to do a regular cast on technique and sew the ends together.

Cast on 24 sts.

Celtic Plait Stitch

ROW 1 (RS): P2, C4B, (P4, C4B) twice, P2.
ROW 2: K2, P4, (K4, P4) twice, K2.
ROW 3: P1, T3B, (T4F, T4B) twice, T3F, P1.
ROW 4: K1, P2, K3, P4, K4, P4, K3, P2, K1.
ROW 5: T3B, P3, C4F, P4, C4F, P3, T3F.
ROW 6: P2, K4, (P4, K4) twice, P2.
ROW 7: K2, P3, T3B, T4F, T4B, T3F, P3, K2.
ROW 8: (P2, K3) twice, P4, (K3, P2) twice.
ROW 9: (K2, P3) twice, C4B, (P3, K2) twice.
ROW 10: repeat ROW 8.
ROW 11: K2, P3, T3F, T4B, T4F, T3B, P3, K2.
ROW 12: repeat ROW 6.
ROW 13: T3F, P3, C4F, P4, C4F, P3, T3B.
ROW 14: repeat ROW 4.
ROW 15: P1, T3F, (T4B, T4F) twice, T3B, P1.
ROW 16: repeat ROW 2.
Repeat ROWS 1-16.

Continue until sleeve reaches approximately 9″ (approx. 23cm). Bind off and sew two ends together or use kitchener’s stitch to graft two ends together.

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Intended for personal use only and NOT selling or re-selling purposes. Please be considerate when using our patterns by allowing us credit for our hard work.