Yarn Weights

The chart below shows common yarn weights and categories. All data are approximate due to differences in yarn characteristics and knitting tension.

SymbolNameGauge (4in/10cm)WPI (Wraps Per Inch)PlyRecommended Needle Size
laceThread 000-1 US
1.5-2.25 mm
laceCobweb1 ply 000-1 US
1.5-2.25 mm
laceLace32-34 stitches2 ply000-1 US
1.5-2.25 mm
laceLight Fingering32 stitches3 ply000-1 US
1.5-2.25 mm
super fineFingering28 stitches14 wpi4 ply1-3 US
2.25-3.25 mm
fineSport24-26 stitches12 wpi5 ply3-5 US
3.25-3.75 mm
lightDK22 stitches11 wpi8 ply5-7 US
3.75-4.5 mm
mediumWorsted20 stitches9 wpi10 ply 7-9 US
4.5-5.5 mm
mediumAran18 stitches8 wpi10 ply 7-9 US
4.5-5.5 mm
bulkyBulky14-15 stitches7 wpi12 ply9-11 US
5.5-8 mm
super bulkySuper Bulky8-12 stitches5-6 wpi11 or larger US
8 mm or larger

For more information, visit yarnstandards.com and craftyyarncouncil.com.


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