It’s Noodles Time!

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to take a break from knitting a bit. Yesterday I was really craving noodles so I took a trip to our local Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon House. I can’t stress this enough: the Vietnamese makes the BEST noodles EVER!!! Nothing better than a bowl of pho (rice noodles in beef or chicken broth) to warm up your tummy 🙂 Check it out:

I ordered beef pho w/ thin slices of steak and brisket. It comes w/ bean sprouts and a variety of herbs. Unfortunately, this particular evening they were out of bean sprouts so I got extra onions instead.
Extra basil, limes and jalapenos to compensate for the bean sprouts. By the way, can’t have pho without Sriracha hot sauce and hoison sauce. Ummmmmm so good!
And finally, my dessert drink: a mixture of water chestnut pearls, jello, beans, and coconut milk served over crushed ice. A great way to finish off a DELICIOUS meal.

One of the perks of Vietnamese cuisine, besides it being absolutely tasty, is that it is low in fat. Most Vietnamese dishes consist of fresh vegetables and grilled meats–VERY healthy and refreshing.

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