Simple Ribbed Hat Pattern

After having taken three exams earlier this week, I decided to take a little break and hang out with my friend Meagan. I have to say that it was a very nice change of pace. I haven’t seen her since I got back from China, and I have to admit, it had been way too long.

A nice little memento from China  😀

There was much to discuss and a lot of catching up. Also, I was able to have her volunteer as a guinea pig for my new hat pattern 🙂 Hopefully she enjoyed the slouchy beanie and will wear it proudly.

This hat is reversible!

This hat is size large. If you would like to make it smaller, just adjust it in multiples of 10 sts.

1 skein of medium weight yarn (100g/155yds/142m) [I used Peruvian wool]
Size 8 (5mm) and 10 (6mm) circular needles
Size 10 DPN
Stitch marker
Yarn needle


With size 8 needle, cast on 100 sts; place a marker to mark beginning of round.

Rd 1 (RS): (K2, P2) repeat to end of round.

*Repeat Rd 1 until ribbing measures approximately 1.25″ (4cm) from cast on edge.

Change to size 10 circular needle.

Rd 1: (K3, P7) repeat to end of round.

*Repeat Rd 1 until hat measures approximately 8″ (20.5) from cast on edge.

Cap Shaping
Change to DPN when needed.

Rd 1: (K3, P2tog, P5) repeat to end of round.
Rd 2: (K3, P6) repeat to end of round.
Rd 3: (K3, P2tog, P4) repeat to end of round.
Rd 4: (K3, P5) repeat to end of round.
Rd 5:  (K3, P2tog, P3) repeat to end of round.
Rd 6: (K3, P4) repeat to end of round.
Rd 7: (K3, P2tog, P2) repeat to end of round.
Rd 8: (K3, P3) repeat to end of round.
Rd 9: (K3, P2tog, P1) repeat to end of round.
Rd 10: (K3, P2) repeat to end of round.
Rd 11: (K3, P2tog) repeat to end of round.
Rd 12: (K3, P1) repeat to end of round.

Cut yarn leaving an 8″ (20.5cm) tail and weave yarn through remaining sts. Pull tightly to close and weave in end.

There you have it. Enjoy!

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  1. There was abundant to altercate and a lot of communicable up. Also, I was able to accept her advance as a guinea pig for my new hat pattern.

    Fedora Hat

  2. Dig the blog, lady! Keep it up!

    • I’m totally new to knitting. I have been able to master the K and p. On your hat pattern can you please tell me what length of cable you are using? I want to make some for Christmas gifts but I did not see a circular cable length.
      Thank you for your assistance.

  3. What is a DPN. I am a beginner.

  4. I am always looking for easy knitting projects this hat if wonderful I will be Making a few for christmas it snows a lot up here

  5. Hi
    How do you print your pattern without all the comments included? Thank you.

    • Gerri,
      When you click on the printer icon, you should be able to choose which page(s) you would like to print.

      • I’m looking for a pattern for a child’s hat – needs to be big enough for a 2yr old and adaptable for her little twin sisters… What age is this beanie for? or do you have any other ideas. New to all this but loving being able to knit again.Thanks

        • Jules,

          This hat is for a newborn. I would suggest you check out They have TONS of hat patterns and many are free 🙂

  6. 110 st/4=55. Help! that puts 4 knit st together to begin. Is that what you intended?

  7. When you say circular needles what length are you using, please and thanks

  8. if you k2p2 it takes more than 110 stiches to finish in k2p2 … r u using circular knitting needles for the first part? what is the pattern for the edge?

  9. What was the gauge for this hat? I’m knitting this now and it looks too big. Thoughts?

    • I knitted this a while ago and forgot to include the gauge. I don’t remember what the gauge was for this hat. It is a large size and if you would like to adjust it, please do so in multiples of 10 sts.

  10. Regarding the sizes, if I wanted a medium size, I would cast on 90; or a small size, 80 stitches, is that correct? Thanks 🙂

  11. In the picture it looks like K7 P3 is the hat reversable?

  12. Hi, is there a way to just print the pattern, instead of 15 whole pages? Such a waste of toner and paper. Thanks!

    • You can copy the section you like and paste it in a word document then print or go to your browser’s menu and print the page you want.

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