2017 Birthday Giveaway Winner

Hello knitters!
It’s been over a week since the Birthday Giveaway began and now that it’s over, it’s time to announce the winner…congrats to @catsandyarn!

Thank you everyone for your participation and birthday wishes! I’m another year older and hopefully another year wiser. J As we head into the holiday weekend, I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

By the way, if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping and still need gift ideas, why not knit your loved one something special this year? There’s still time and I’ve got some really neat quick-knits that would make great stocking-stuffers! Check out these quick-knit patterns.

Holiday Quick-Knit Gift Ideas

Holiday Quick-Knit Gift Ideas


Many Great Things Happening at Purl Avenue!

Hello everyone!

As you all know there have been many changes made to Purl Avenue this year.  Here’s a quick recap:

First, A Tight-Knit Gathering was changed to Purl Avenue and was switched from a blog to a website.

Second, I added a Stitchinary section to Purl Avenue where knitters can access many knitting stitch patterns. Knitters are now able to view the knit stitches before clicking the link for the patterns as opposed to how it was before with no image preview.

Third, yesterday I managed to complete a huge face lift for the website that I’ve been planning for the past couple of weeks! The look and layout of the site have changed. In addition, Purl Avenue has a brand new logo! I absolutely love it! Check it out:

Purl Avenue Logo

Finally, while working on a new knitting project, I realized that knitting abbreviations were somewhat difficult to find online. Because of this inconvenience, I decided to add a knitting abbreviations page to Purl Avenue! With that being said and after about a week of research, the knitting abbreviations page is complete! Please let me know if you would like for me to add other abbreviations to the page.

Overall I am very pleased with how the new site has turned out. Of course it is not perfect and there are tweaks that will have to be made but I hope you all will find the new and improved Purl Avenue useful in your many knitting endeavors!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

I’m Back!


Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something on here. There have been many changes both personally and virtually one of which is the migration from Blogger to WordPress. As you all can see, A Tight Knit Gathering has become Purl Avenue.

It has literally taken me about two years to convert my previous blog on Blogger (A Tight Knit Gathering) to WordPress (Purl Avenue). You guys might be wondering, “Why the change?” Well there are many reasons but the main reason is that Blogger is a blogging platform thus provides very limited flexibility and functionality. With WordPress, Purl Avenue is not just a blog, but it is also a legitimate website! I am now able to create web pages with ease and the possibilities are endless!

move from blogger to wordpress

At any rate, I am glad to be back! The switch from Blogger to WordPress happened yesterday so please bear with me. There are some links and pictures that may still be broken. I am currently fixing these issues. If you encounter a problem or have any suggestions, please let me know! Your input is valued 🙂

If any of you are interested in migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress, here is a link to a site that helped me tremendously:


Please keep in mind that there will be gradual changes to the site in the next couple of weeks while I work out the kinks, so please be patient.

As for this new site, I plan on adding new patterns and knit stitches for you all and I would like to eventually begin the free giveaways again. But one step at a time… So please check back occasionally for new info!

Well that’s it for now and until next time, Happy knitting!

P.S. RSS feed is not up yet…working on it.


Last Day to Enter!

Hey knitters!

Hope you all are having a great Saturday. Don’t forget to enter this month’s giveaway if you haven’t done so. The  giveaway event will end tonight at 11:59 pm. Here is a recap of the prize:

Set of 6 amethyst markers
Maximum size is US 13
Sterling Silver

To enter:

Please email me at a.tight.knit@gmail.com and in the subject box include March Giveaway. Also, in the message section, state your name, city and state in which you reside. You will have from March 1-10 to enter. The winner will be chosen via random selection and on March 12th I will announce the winner.

Note: Mulitple entries will result in disqualification. 

Good luck!

Last Day to Enter!

Alright knitters, today is the last day to enter February’s giveaway. Via random selection, the winner will be announced on February 12th. So stay tuned! Here’s a quick recap of this month’s prize:

70% bamboo
30% silk
50g (90m) each
US 7 (4.5mm) needles


To enter: 
Please email me at a.tight.knit@gmail.com and in the subject box include February Giveaway. Also, in the message section, state your name, city and state in which you reside.
Note: Multiple entries will be disqualified.


Hello knitters!

After spending a good portion of the day browsing Pinterest and the web, I stumbled upon some very nice pictures of succulents and terrariums. I absolutely LOVE succulents! It’s very unfortunate that I don’t have a green thumb. The only plants I can keep alive are cacti and basil. So after many failed attempts at trying to grow succulents, I’ve decided to stick with what I can do–knitting.

via lifeonthebalcony.com

via etsy.com

I’ve decided to incorporate the rounded, fleshy look of succulents into a new knitting design. I’ve been working on this infinity scarf for the past several days and this is what I have so far:

This project will take me a while to finish 🙁 but the final product will be worth it. So keep posted for I should have the pattern available in a week or so  😀