Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf

Hello everyone!

Most of you may recall, several weeks ago I began knitting a scarf. Here’s a pic to jog your memory.

Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf beginning - Purl Avenue

This is what it looked like when I first posted it on Instagram.

For some reason this scarf took a lot longer than expected. The pattern itself is super simple and shouldn’t have taken a whole month to finish. But three knitting projects later, I’m very happy to have completed this scarf and finally share it with the world.

Before I started knitting this scarf, I was looking at my yarn stash and was very annoyed with the fact that I couldn’t find a project for these five skeins of Tahki Yarns Natural Earth Cotton that I had purchased years ago.

Natural Earth Cotton - Purl Avenue

When I first laid eyes on this yarn, I instantly fell in love with it. This yarn has a rustic feel to it which reminds me of the arid environments of the southwest. The images that came to mind were deserts, cacti, canyons and plateaus all sitting together under a sky with colors painted with orange and magenta from the setting sun. I saw so much potential for this yarn and after years of not knowing what to do with it, I still had hope.

Over the years I’ve tried out many stitch patterns but couldn’t find one that would do its unique and beautiful yet rugged characteristic justice. Then one day while looking through some old knitting books I saw the ribbed mesh lace pattern. I thought, “Well, it’s worth a try.” And a month later…ta-da! I present to you the Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf!

Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf - Purl Avenue

I added the lateral braid for the border on both sides of the scarf. Approximately 75″ (191 cm) X 10″ (25 cm)

Going with the southwest theme, I would definitely pair this scarf with silver and turquoise jewelry.

Silver and Turquoise with scarf - Purl Avenue

The Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf was made using Tahki Yarns Natural Earth Cotton. I love cotton yarn because it is hypoallergenic and is breathable (cools you down during warm days and keeps you warm on cold ones), biodegradable (environmentally friendly), dust mite resistant! Cotton yarn is perfect for those who’s got allergies to wool and other fibers derived from animals.

Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf side - Purl Avenue

Okay, on to the good part: the pattern.


5 skeins of Tahki Yarns Natural Earth Cotton

  • 92 yds/85 m per skein
  • 50 g per skein
  • US 8/5mm needles
  • 100% naturally-colored organic cotton

US 8/5mm straight needles
Yarn/tapestry needle


18 sts x 25 rows=4″ (10 cm)


CO 42 sts.


Row 1 (WS): purl.
Row 2: lateral braid:

Cast on one stitch. *ktbl of second st on left-hand needle, do not slide sts off needle, knit first st. Now slide both stitches off needle.Then, slip the last worked stitch from the right needle back to the left needle. Repeat from * to last st.

When you get to the last stitch, knit it, then pass the second stitch on the right needle over.

Row 3: purl.

This can be confusing so here is a video.


Row 1: k1, *k2tog, yo; rep from * to last st, k1.
Row 2: k1, *sl1 purlwise wyif, p1, psso, yo; rep from * to last st, k1.

Repeat Rows 1-2 until desired length and repeat Row 1 one more time.

For help on how to knit the Ribbed Mesh stitch, check out the video below.


Repeat the border pattern and bind off. Weave in loose ends. Blocking is optional. The scarf looks nice with or without blocking.

Rustic Ribbed Mesh Scarf 2 - Purl Avenue

There you have it! A new gorgeous scarf!



Intended for personal use only and NOT selling or re-selling purposes. Please be considerate when using our patterns by allowing us credit for our hard work.