Bluebells Stitch

The Bluebells stitch is a lace stitch that is knitted in a multiple of 5 stitches plus 2 and is worked in a 6-row repeat. The pattern appears as though it involves cabling. Here is great news for those who despise cable needles: there is no cabling! The Bluebells stitch only requires basic techniques such as “k2tog” (knit 2 together) and “psso” (pass slipped stitch over), thus creating the look of cables. Like most lace stitches, this stitch pattern drapes well and is perfect for knitters who are just starting out with lace knitting.  Note: blocking is recommended for optimal results.

Bluebells Stitch



Skill: easy
Multiple of 5 sts + 2

Row 1 (RS): p2, *k3, p2; rep from * to the end.
Row 2: k2, *p3, k2; rep from * to the end.
Row 3: repeat Row 1.
Row 4: repeat Row 2
Row 5: p2, *yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, p2; rep from * to the end.
Row 6: repeat Row 2.

Repeat Rows 1-6.

Intricate Lattice Stitch

The Intricate Lattice stitch is an intricate openwork stitch that is knitted in a multiple of 6 stitches plus 1 and is an 8-row repeat. Like most lace stitch patterns, this stitch has excellent drape qualities and blocking is highly recommended for optimal results. The Intricate Lattice stitch works great on many types of projects such as shawls, scarves, bags and more!

intricate lattice stitch


Skill: intermediate
Multiple of 6 sts + 1

Row 1 (RS): k1, *yo, p1, p3tog, p1, yo, k1; rep from * to the end.
Row 2 and all even numbered rows: purl.
Row 3: k2, yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, *k3, yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo; rep from * to the last 2 sts, k2.
Row 5: p2tog, p1, yo, k1, yo, p1, *p3tog, p1, yo, k1, yo, p1; rep from * to the last 2 sts, p2tog.
Row 7: k2tog, yo, k3, yo, *sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, k3, yo; rep from * to last 2 sts, sl 1, k1, psso.
Row 8: purl.

Repeat Rows 1-8.



Net Stitch

The Net stitch is an openwork stitch that is great for spring and summer knits. It’s open, mesh-like qualities allows for excellent drape while the increase and decrease techniques required for this stitch makes it an intermediate skill level. Knitted in a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3 and a 4-row repeat, the Net stitch is easy to remember and is a fast knit. This openwork stitch is perfect for knitted summer cover-ups and market bags!

Net Stitch - Purl Avenue



Skill: intermediate
Multiple of 4 sts + 3

Row 1 (RS): k2, *yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1; rep from * to the last st, k1.
Row 2: purl.
Row 3: k1, k2tog, yo, k1, *yo, sl 1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1; rep from * to last 3 sts, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, k1.
Row 4: purl.

Repeat Rows 1-4.




Lacy Openwork Stitch


Lacy Openwork stitch is a vertical ribbed lace stitch that has a bumpy texture. This stitch is a very simple stitch that is quick to knit and is great for beginning lace knitters. Unlike most ribbed lace stitches, the Lacy Openwork stitch is reversible which, in turn, makes it a more dense stitch. With it’s vertical rib design, the Lacy Openwork stitch is perfect for super long scarves.

Do you like the Lacy Openwork stitch? Check out the Ribbed Lace Scarf pattern!

Lacy Openwork Stitch


Skill: intermediate
Multiple of 4 sts+1

Row 1: k1, *yo, p3tog, yo, k1; rep from * to end.
Row 2: p2tog, yo, k1, yo, *p3tog, yo, k1, yo; rep from * to last 2 sts, p2tog.

Repeat Rows 1-2.

Blocking is recommended.


Ribbed Lace Scarf

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving holiday! There’s only a little over twenty days until Christmas and I’m sure you all are getting your gifts and plans in order for the special day. If you are going to knit a gift this year and haven’t decided on what, take a look at my “Holiday Quick Knits” section. If you still can’t find what you are looking for then my new scarf pattern might do the trick.

This ribbed lace scarf is the newest addition to my “Quick Knits” series. I have seen many different ribbed lace patterns but I haven’t seen one that produces a design quite like this one.

Ribbed lace - Purl Avenue

I admit when I first tested out the stitch I was very skeptical. But after forcing myself to stick it out for about five or six rows, I was very pleased with the stitch pattern. The pattern produces a helix/zigzag-like design for the ribbing and is separated with yarn-overs which make up the lace portion. I used a bamboo/acrylic blend yarn which makes this scarf look extra fluffy and airy (or maybe it’s just the stitch pattern).

In the end, I am very pleased with the result: a very attractive and stretchy scarf that takes almost no time at all to knit. Side note: I do recommend blocking the scarf for best results. My scarf did curl a bit near the cast-on and bind-off edges.

Ribbed Lace Scarf - Purl Avenue

I added tassels to my Ribbed Lace Scarf. Measures approx. 63″ (160cm) long and 5″ (13cm) wide unstretched and without tassels.

Ribbed Lace Scarf - Purl Avenue

Ribbed Lace Scarf - Purl Avenue

I apologize for the quality of the pics. It’s been very dark today and the forecast says that it will remain so for the next week 🙁

Here is the pattern:


2 skeins of Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Weight

  • 109yds (100m) per skein
  • 3.5oz (100g) per skein
  • US 11 (8mm)

US 11 (8mm) straight needles
Yarn/Tapestry needle


CO 21 sts.

Row 1: K1, *yo, P3tog, yo, K1; rep from * to end of row.
Row 2: P2tog, yo, K1, yo, *P3tog, yo, K1, yo; rep from * to last 2 sts, P2tog.

Repeat Rows 1-2 until desired length. Bind-off and weave in loose ends. Optional: add tassels.

ribbed scarf - Purl Avenue


Intended for personal use only and NOT selling or re-selling purposes. Please be considerate when using our patterns by allowing us credit for our hard work.