Simple Knit Shrug

simple knit shrug front

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last put up a pattern. As most of you know, I had broken my ankle in January and have been in recovery for several weeks now. Since the accident, I’ve been in a splint, two hard casts, and hopefully a boot by this upcoming Tuesday. In previous posts, I’ve …

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Small Arrows Lace

small arrows lace

Small Arrows Lace stitch looks intricate but, in fact, is an easy knit. Knitted in a 4-row repeat and a multiple of 6 stitches plus 2, this stitch is easy to remember and can be done in a breeze. Knit yourself a market bag or a beret using this stitch. Block for optimal results. Pattern …

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Fancy Zigzag Stitch

fancy zigzag stitch

The Fancy Zigzag stitch is a lace stitch which is rated intermediate in skill level. Knitted in a multiple of 6 stitches plus 1 and 12-row repeat, this stitch forms zigzags which runs vertically and is separated by lace eyelets. Like most lace stitches, the Fancy Zigzag stitch requires blocking for optimal results. Pattern Skill: …

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Chevron Lace Stitch

chevron lace stitch

The Chevron Lace stitch is a simple lace stitch which involves basic knitting techniques thus making it perfect for beginning lace knitters. Worked up in a multiple of 9 stitches plus 3 and knitted in a 2-row repeat, the Chevron Lace stitch is a very quick knit and its design will make a great addition …

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Tiny Shells Stitch

tiny shells stitch

The Tiny Shells Stitch is a lace stitch pattern which resembles little shells being stacked one above the other in a vertical straight line. This stitch is knitted in a multiple of 7 stitches plus 2 and done in a 4-row repeat. The unique characteristics of the Tiny Shells Stitch will add a pop of …

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